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Classical Music

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The History of Classical Music

Classical Music – What Is Classical Music?

Middle Ages Music

The Baroque Period (1600–1750)

The Baroque Era

Baroque Instrumental Music

Baroque Instrumental Music

Baroque Music – Characteristics

Baroque Music Period, 1600–1750

The Baroque Period, 1600–1750

The Baroque Period – Part 1 (not about music)

The Baroque Period – Part 2 (about music)

Baroque Music – An Overview

Music of the Baroque Period, 1600–1750

The Classical Period (1750–1820)

Classical Music – The Classical Style

Classical Music – Europe, 1750–1830

Classical Music – Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

The Classical Period of Western Music History, 1750–1820

The Classical Period

The Classical Period – Classical Music and Its Forms

The Classical Period – Historical Background

Music of the Classical Period

The Romantic Period (1820–1900)

Music of the Romantic Era

Romantic Music, 1820–1900

Romantic Music

Romantic Music – Overview

Romanticism in Music

The Romantic Period, 1820–1900

The Romantic Period, 1825–1910

The Romantic Period – A Time of Imagination and Mystery

Romantic Style in Music

Romantic Time Period, 1820–1900

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